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Jamie Parganos

Founder, Board President

Jamie Parganos is an accomplished educator with a strong background in the field of education. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Queens College and a Master's degree in Nonprofit Management from The New School. Her educational journey began when a close friend, who was a fourth-grade teacher, asked her to write an original musical for the class. This experience ignited Jamie's passion for using creativity to engage and inspire young minds in after-school education.

Jamie quickly rose to leadership positions in renowned organizations within the education landscape. Some of these organizations include Manhattan Youth, SAYA, Broadway Bound Kids, LEAP, and Groundwork (Good Shepherd Services). Through her dedicated work in these roles, Jamie gained invaluable experience and a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities in after-school programs.

In 2017, Jamie co-founded Creative Muse, a nonprofit education company based in New York City. The organization's mission is to ensure that children from all backgrounds have access to exceptional creativity training. Under Jamie's visionary leadership, Creative Muse has become a trailblazer in the field, offering a wide range of programs and services that empower students of all ages to explore their creativity and unlock their full potential.

Jamie's commitment to excellence and innovation in education has earned her numerous accolades, including a transformative $1.7 million grant from Creatives Rebuild New York. This grant allowed Jamie to establish the Artist Employment Program, which employs artists on full-time salaries to teach creativity in after-school programs within underserved communities. The program not only supports talented artists but also addresses the significant challenge of teacher turnover, ensuring a consistent and high-quality educational experience for students, particularly in the post-pandemic era.

At the core of Jamie's educational philosophy is the invention of the CREATE (Connection, Resilience, Exploration, Awareness, Transformation, Enjoyment) educational model. This pioneering approach combines the creative process with mindfulness, social-emotional learning, and social justice principles, providing a comprehensive and holistic learning experience. The CREATE model empowers individuals to embrace creativity in all aspects of their lives and has proven highly successful in cultivating creative minds and equipping individuals with the skills necessary for success in various fields and endeavors.

In addition to her work in education, Jamie maintains a strong online presence through her popular parenting blog, "Wonder Mommy." With a dedicated community of 20,000 followers, Jamie shares her insights and experiences, offering valuable guidance and support to busy parents. Recognizing the challenges faced by families, Jamie also launched the successful subscription service, "Mommy Hacks," which provides practical tips and resources to help parents navigate their daily lives with ease and efficiency.


Jamie Parganos
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