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Teaching Artist Philosophy

Our company centers our Teaching Artists in our work to create a more supportive environment for them to thrive while working on their art alongside a career as a teaching artist. 

What We Do To Support Our Teaching Artists

Our organization was founded by a former teaching artist and professional recording artist, so it follows that our program model is artist-centered.


We offer:

  • A two-teacher per class requirement

  • Monthly customized professional development workshops designed around communicated staff needs

  • Full-time salaries with premium medical and quality of life benefits

  • Higher than average hourly rates for wage-based staff

  • A robust substitute roster for Teaching Artists who need time off for a project.

  • A supportive and communicative environment for artists to pursue their work.

  • Collaborative planning to meet teacher needs in the classrooms and schools they are working with. 

  • Equitable offering of six months paid parental leave, regardless of gender, so artists can securely start their families. 

Teacher with Students

What We Want To Do To Support Our Teaching Artists

Our five year strategic plan includes being able to offer the following supports for Teaching Artists:

  • Financial and tax assistance

  • Full-time salaries

  • Industry mentorship

  • Customized trainings, education about safe spaces and therapeutic coaching

Art Class
I have worked with a lot of children’s theater companies and yours is by far the most well run and most enjoyable to work for. You guys rock!
- Regina Gibson, Teaching Artist
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