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Unleash Creativity, Transform Lives


Our Awareness category is dedicated to promoting mindfulness in tech, specifically addressing the challenges that students face in the post-pandemic digital landscape. We integrate various supplies and materials that creatively blend the physical and technological realms in our cross-disciplinary classes. 


The Resilience category funds our Artist Employment Program, which includes full-time salaries and benefits for our teaching artists, ensuring their financial stability and well-being. This initiative also addresses teacher turnover in after-school programs, ensuring uninterrupted access to creative education for students.


The Transformation category encompasses all other costs associated with implementing our programs. This includes expenses related to program development, infrastructure, resources, and any necessary changes or adaptations to foster creative transformation. 


Let's Keep People Creative

The ART Fund is a transformative initiative supporting creative programs and fostering the power of art in various aspects of life. From mindfulness in technology to employment opportunities for artists, we aim to create a world where artistic expression knows no bounds. With your support, we empower individuals and communities to embrace the transformative potential of art in diverse areas. Join us on this impactful journey and witness the profound influence of the ART Fund.


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Mail Donation

Make a tax deductible donation to Creative Muse by mailing a check payable to Love Knowledge Inc, 337 E 81st St., 2C, New York, NY 10028‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: 646-860-5064

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