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Elbow Greeting

Lesson 2: Resilience 

Hook:Witness a powerful partnership unfold amidst the chaos of a global pandemic, igniting a transformative journey.

Resilience Redefined - The Equity Staffing Model
Image by Chris Montgomery

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Empowering Teaching Artists & Navigating Post-Pandemic Transition


Connection and Resilience


Reflection and Enjoyment

Creative Muse, in collaboration with Imogen Foundation, rose to the challenge of launching new programs online to bridge the educational gap during the pandemic.


We launched virtual theater and coding programs, as well as successfully transitioned to in-person instruction using an equity staffing model, with higher-than-average hourly salaries, paid planning time, and a robust substitute roster.

Witness the profound impact of uninterrupted, exceptional programming and the creation of an award-winning film, made possible by the collective efforts of Creative Muse and Imogen Foundation.

Support initiatives aimed at eliminating gaps in after-school education that disproportionately affect low-income students by investing in our Artist Employment Program.

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