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Unleash Your Creative Muse!



We believe in the inherent creativity within everyone, waiting to be unleashed or reclaimed. Our unique six-phase creative process, guided by the values of CREATE offers a transformative journey.

While the phases can be explored in various orders, we commonly use the framework of Exploration, Awareness, Connection, Resilience, Transformation, and Enjoyment (“Every Artist Can Realize Their Expression”) with our students and staff.




1) Explore the Unknown

Step outside your comfort zone, try new disciplines, conduct research, and gather experiences and memories to shape your creative vision.


2) Embrace Mindfulness

Reflect on your biases and incubate your ideas, fostering self-awareness and finding balance in your creative journey.


3) Spark Inspiration

Watch as concepts intertwine and ideas collide, forming some connections that will harmonize effortlessly, while others may fall away, guiding you towards your unique creative path.


4) Embrace Mistakes

Learn from missteps, test fearlessly, and develop the discipline to take risks, knowing that mistakes fuel growth.


5) Unleash Your Masterpiece

Witness your vision taking shape, ready to be shared, and allow yourself to release it so that it can transform both your world and yourself.


6) Celebrate the Process

Enjoy the entire journey, celebrating achievements along the way and finding fulfillment in every moment.

What Makes Creative Muse Unique?

The CREATE process is distinguished by its flexibility and accessibility, allowing individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to engage at any entry point. We go beyond traditional frameworks by embracing cultural responsiveness, mindfulness, and celebrating the richness of diverse perspectives and philosophies. By integrating domains such as science, engineering, design thinking, and social-emotional learning, we foster holistic creativity, critical thinking, and effective problem-solving skills. All of this is achieved through our user-friendly model, making it easy for all learners and educators to navigate and utilize.


CREATE not only provides a powerful creative process but also instills a set of values that beautifully compliment the journey and are seamlessly woven with each phase. This holistic approach ensures that creativity extends beyond creation itself, cultivating personal growth and aligning with meaningful principles.

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