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VR Goggles

Lesson 1: Connection 

Hook: Immerse yourself in a captivating live-streamed Instagram performance set in a simulated zombie apocalypse, hosted by none other than the president's daughter.

Unleashing Connection Through Online Pandemic Theatre
Image by Balkouras Nicos

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A Thrilling Modern Experience


Connection and Resilience


Reflection and Enjoyment

Middle school students, underserved and facing isolation and a lack of creative outlets during the pandemic, found solace in the world of online theatre with Creative Muse.


Theater teachers conducted free weekly classes, guiding students in the art of improvisation as a tool for expression in devised theatre. 

Students transformed their improvisations into a captivating live-streamed performance, showcasing their talent and resilience.

How can you help support the resilience of organizations that embrace innovation during challenging times?

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