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Film & Photography

Here is a sample list of classes offered by Creative Muse catering to a wide range of interests and aiming to foster creativity and skill development in photography and film across different age groups, providing participants with the tools and knowledge to express themselves and tell their stories through visual media.

For Children and Teens:
  1. Picture This: Youth Photography: Introduces young photographers to the basics of composition, lighting, and storytelling through the lens, encouraging them to capture their world.

  2. Mini Movie Makers: A fun and interactive introduction to filmmaking for teens, covering scriptwriting, shooting, and basic editing to bring their stories to life.

  3. Animation Adventures: Kids and teens explore the magic of animation, creating their own animated shorts using simple software and stop-motion techniques.

Special Interest Workshops
  1. Visual Storytelling Lab: A cross-disciplinary workshop that blends photography and film to create powerful narratives, focusing on theme development and visual consistency.

  2. Under the Stars: Astrophotography: Capture the beauty of the night sky, learning techniques for photographing stars, planets, and celestial events.

  3. EcoLens: Environmental Filmmaking: Focus on creating impactful environmental documentaries, highlighting conservation efforts and the beauty of nature.

For Adults
  1. Photography Fundamentals: Adults master the essentials of photography, including manual camera settings, composition, and post-processing for stunning images.

  2. Indie Filmmaking Essentials: Dive into independent filmmaking, focusing on low-budget film production, guerrilla filmmaking techniques, and creative storytelling.

  3. Documentary Storytelling: Learn the art of documentary filmmaking, from researching and interviewing to capturing compelling footage that tells real-world stories.

What Our Community Says

Lyndsey Mazlish

"After enrolling my son in Creative Muse's after school program, my son discovered he had a passion for tap dancing that we never would have known about had he not been exposed to it. Thank you for opening up my child's world. 
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