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Here is a sample list of classes offered by Creative Muse catering to a wide range of interests and incorporating the transformative power of movement in creative expression.These classes are designed to not only teach dance techniques but also to explore dance as a medium for creativity, expression, and personal growth. Through these diverse offerings, Creative Muse aims to inspire participants to embrace dance in its many forms, enriching their lives with the joy and creativity that movement can bring.

For Children and Teens:
  1. Dance Exploration for Kids: A fun introduction to the world of dance, covering basic moves from various styles, encouraging rhythm and coordination.

  2. Teen Choreography Workshop: Teens learn to create their own dance routines, exploring storytelling through movement and expression.

  3. Creative Movement and Storytelling: Combining dance and narrative, this class encourages children to tell stories through their movements, fostering creativity and imagination.

Special Interest Workshops
  1. Dance and Digital Media: An innovative workshop that explores the intersection of dance and digital media, including video dance projects and using technology to enhance performance art.

  2. Improvisational Dance: Encourage spontaneity and creativity through improvisational dance, teaching participants to express themselves freely through movement.

  3. Dance Therapy Basics: Learn about the principles of dance therapy and how movement can be used as a powerful tool for emotional healing and self-discovery.

  4. Creative Partner Dancing: Focusing on communication and connection, this class explores partner dances from tango to swing, emphasizing creativity in partnership and movement.

For Adults
  1. Contemporary Dance and Expression: Dive into contemporary dance techniques focused on expression and emotional storytelling, suitable for all skill levels.

  2. World Dance Series: Explore dance styles from around the globe, from African dances to Latin salsa, learning about the cultural contexts behind each dance.

  3. Yoga and Dance Fusion: A unique class that blends the flow of yoga with dance movements, enhancing flexibility, creativity, and mind-body connection.

  4. Dance for Mindfulness: Utilize dance as a form of mindfulness practice, focusing on presence and awareness through movement.

What Our Community Says

Lyndsey Mazlish

"After enrolling my son in Creative Muse's after school program, my son discovered he had a passion for tap dancing that we never would have known about had he not been exposed to it. Thank you for opening up my child's world. 
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