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Image by Jeff van Roosmalen

Lesson 4: Awareness

Hook: Witness the wonderment on adults' faces as they discover the unexpected beauty in spilling coffee on their hard work at Boost, the nation's premier after-school conference in California.

Awareness Amplified - Spreading the CREATE Model
Image by Jason Goodman


Empowering Educators



Connection and Resilience


Reflection and Enjoyment

Traditional after-school curricula often lack affordability, flexibility, cultural relevance, and adaptability, hindering the learning experience.

Our revolutionary CREATE model, an inclusive framework that harnesses the power of the creative process, is designed to overcome these limitations and create transformative learning environments.

Experience the personal transformation of participants as they tap into their untapped creative potential, guided by the accessibility and adaptability of the CREATE model.

How can you take the next step in infusing your organization or practice with the transformative power of the CREATE process?

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