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Our Programs

Campos Plaza welcomes you to participate in our FREE Arts programming starting this fall! Attend classes taught by professional artists across the Visual, Performing, Digital, & Culinary Art fields. Our teachers are specialized in a variety of subjects, including: Theater & Improv, Visual Arts, Dance, Music, Technology, Digital Arts & Design, Sculpting, Filmmaking, Crafts, Culinary Arts, Animation, Creative Writing, Philosophy, 3D Arts, Animation, Photography, and so much more! 

Interest Form:

Interested in learning more or participating in new activities? Click here to fill out our brief Interest Form. 


Learn a new instrument, record, take a Hip-Hop Philosophy course, or DJ! Keyboards, Guitars, Mics, and Recording Software provided.

Music Performers
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Digital Arts

From learning animation and figure drawing to building your own website or online presence, our digital artists have got you covered on all fronts!

Culinary Arts

Tired of takeout? Learn the Art of Cooking - and share the fun by inviting a family member to join!

Chicken and Vegetables
Close up of couple clapping in theater

Theater & Film

Interested in Acting, but unsure of where to begin?Study with professional actors and filmmakers. Receive quality training & learn to produce your own show!

Dance & Movement

Shake your groove thing! Take Step Dance with a former STOMP cast member, shimmy all night long, or balance your body with our wellness and yoga classes!

Modern Dance Group
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