Jiyoung Park and Jamie Parganos began designing enrichment programs together in a church basement in Queens 20 years ago. Since then, they have held roles at organizations throughout New York City, including the YWCA, Manhattan Youth, SAYA, LEAP, Cambridge Learning Center, GOProject, Broadway Housings, Teach for America and Good Shepherd Services. During this time, they managed program partnerships with the Department of Youth and Community Development, The After School Corporation, the Department of Education, The United Federation of Teachers and dozens of private and public schools.


Inspired by the need for positive change, Jiyoung and Jamie teamed up in 2020 to design a new model of youth and adult programming centering creativity and mindfulness. Joined by Jon Soto, who also has a decade of experience in multi-disciplinary youth development, they formulated the basis for the creative process and the values that now shape the organization.

We believe one creative idea can change the world


Our Mission

Creative Muse provides comprehensive programming and mentorship to youth and adults with an emphasis on creativity and mindfulness as 21st century skills needed for holistic success and innovation.

Kids with Capes
Drama Students

Our Vision

Creative Muse believes all youth and adults should have access to creative skills and emotional coping mechanisms that can help them unlock their potential to be change-makers in their lives and in the world.

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